about me.

Bonjour! My name is Aeon. I am a witch living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and this blog is just a little something to document my days and provide me with a bit of an outlet. In it you will find rituals, spells, musings, rants, raves, and anything else that I can remember long enough to type up.

So, first off, a little bit about me. I am a library worker, art history student, future librarian, practicing witch, a Leo, and a wife. My hobbies include growing things, playing with my many animals, spending time annoying my husband, reading, making art, and of course, working spells. I’m also a rape survivor, a feminist, and advocate for all things kind. A lifelong student, I have been in school for theatre, art, beauty, veterinary technology, and now art history. I speak English as my native language, and conversational French (I’m always looking for people to speak French with, so let me know if that’s you!). I’m an amateur astrologer, a believer in magic, a worker of manifestations, and – surprisingly! – a skeptic. I am a summation of my experiences, both good and bad, and I strive to appreciate and embody everything that I have learned in my short years.

Ultimately the goal of this blog is to provide myself with a bit of an outlet for the many, many thoughts that are constantly racing through my head. This isn’t a lifestyle blog, or a portfolio, it is simply a small diary of my days that hopefully you might find just a bit uplifting or enjoyable.

Blessed be.