tarot reading: introspection and love

Today is another beautifully quiet and rainy Washington Saturday. After my last blog post I felt calm and centered and felt that it was a good time to pull a reading and check in with the universe. I wanted to ask what changes I could expect in my relationship in the coming months, as the last few have been very busy with lots of exciting things happening. I am, however, incredibly lazy and decided that a simple three-card spread would have to do for today.

I should note as well that while I do have a dedicated space for magickal workings in my home, I generally find that I work best wherever I am comfortable at the time. Today that means that I am reading cards in my corner of our new (blessedly comfortable) couch while my partner plays the Division loudly about ten feet away. My dogs are both asleep on the other end of the couch, and my favorite blankets are here. So, for all of you who are concerned about that you don’t have a consecrated space to practice – just remember that if you don’t give a shit, and you’re happy, the universe probably feels the same way.

I’m using my Shadowscapes deck today, which is by far my favorite set to use. It’s beautiful and Ive always felt such an affinity to it, and I firmly believe that I have always received the most accurate and reliable readings from it.

That being said, today I pulled the following cards:

Processed with VSCO with e8 preset
Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

Past: Justice / Present: The Emperor / Future: Four of Cups, Inverted

Justice was such an apt card to pull in regards to my inquiries. The ‘theme’, if you will, of mine and my partner’s relationship for the past year has been the both of us learning to love and live with each other without bias and judgement. We have learned so much about each other the past years and this year has been about us realizing that we are not fantastic versions of each other, what we are is human beings. It has been hard, but ultimately fruitful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I found the Emperor an interesting pull due to the events currently working in our lives. My husband just took some major steps in his career in a move that will ideally give him more authority and create some large opportunities for him. The past few months have been about us preparing for him to take this step and not that he has, we will be in limbo for a while we wait to find the results. I generally interpret the Emperor card as a commanding masculine presence that we often forget is simply human. I find that it applies perfectly to our current station in life.

The four of cups is a card that I interpret usually as deep introspection, potentially dangerously deep and often lending itself to self-absorption. Inverted as the card was, I can only take it as a warning against letting ourselves get stuck in a self absorbed rut and relying on each other to stay motivated. It being in the future position as it is, I think that it will become important as we wait for my partner’s career news, to keep ourselves focused and calm. I also see big changes and opportunities in the future, ideally good ones!

How would you have interpreted these cards differently? How deeply do you rely on your cards in your daily life? Let me know in the comments below!

Blessed be.

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