tarot reading: introspection and love

Today is another beautifully quiet and rainy Washington Saturday. After my last blog post I felt calm and centered and felt that it was a good time to pull a reading and check in with the universe. I wanted to ask what changes I could expect in my relationship in the coming months, as the last few have been very busy with lots of exciting things happening. I am, however, incredibly lazy and decided that a simple three-card spread would have to do for today.

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the dark and twisty way.

I’ve come a very long way in this life.

Of course, I mean that figuratively, I am only 24 years old. In a word, my life used to be dirty, and I mean that in every sense. I have dealt with mental illness for as long as I can remember, and after many therapists and many labels, I have given up on trying to name the chemical divergences in my mind. One therapist called me bipolar, while another called me borderline. Regardless, I think it made me into a bad person.

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