first impressions.

As above, so below.

First posts are always such a drag. You want to write something entertaining, but starting randomly without first greeting your audience seems too stream-of-consciousness and abrupt.

So.. hello there.

To start things off I think I’ll document a few small spells for successful starts and support in keeping with the theme of this new blog. None of these are my own, but I’ve worked each of them with good result, and will be sure to post a few of my own a bit later on. Both are pulled from The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander. So, without further ado…

Spell for a Successful Start


  • A picture that represents what you are about to begin.
  • 1 quartz crystal.

Best time to perform the spell:

  • Nine days before the full moon.

Cut out a picture from a magazine or download an online image that represents what you are about to begin. Nine days before the full moon, lay the picture face up on your altar. Set the crystal on top of it. On the night of the full moon, burn the picture while you imagine yourself succeeding in your new effort, thereby releasing your intention into the cosmic web. Carry the crystal in your pocket or purse, or place it where you’ll see it often to reinforce your self-confidence.

Spell to Attract Support


  • 1 ceramic pot.
  • Potting soil.
  • 9 seeds for a plant that blossoms with red or purple flowers.
  • Water.

Best time to perform this spell:

  • On a Thursday during the waxing moon.

Fill your ceramic pot with potting soil and place the 9 seeds at various spots in the soil. As you plant the seeds, say aloud:

“I plant these seeds,

And draw to me

The one who sees

What I can be. 

So mote it be.” 

Once the seeds begin to sprout, the person who recognizes your genius should appear in your life. Until that happens, lavish your plant with tender loving care. Take every opportunity to make contacts – you never know who might become your “angel”.

Leave a comment and let me know how these two spells worked out for you, or leave a few of your favorite rituals or spells for success and new beginnings.

Blessed be.

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